From overwhelmed to over quota: How to be a more effective CSM  

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As a Customer Success Manager (CSM), if you feel overwhelmed, overworked and constantly playing catch up, you are not alone. Many thought leaders in our space say, "you need to be proactive not reactive", yet there is very little advice on specifically HOW to do this. 

This session will be extremely prescriptive and practical on how to run your day effectively, reduce distractions, and get the right things done.

We invite you to join this webinar with Ryan Johansen, who trains CS professionals on becoming top performers without  burning out, as he shares his framework on how to get the right things done to get results as a CSM. 

In this webinar we'll cover:

  • How to prioritize your day and become a top performer without burning out 
  • How to proactively manage your book of business with a personal operating system
  • How to manage your distractions that kill productivity and make you miserable
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