Why High Touch & Tech Touch Should be Friends, Not Enemies

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Today’s customers expect (and sometimes demand) a never-ending wheel of attraction, engagement, and retention after purchasing both the simplest and most complex of SaaS offerings. So, when the volume of customers creeps up, how do you incorporate automation to scale, without sacrificing that personalized white glove experience you’ve worked so hard to develop?

While high touch and tech touch are often pitted against each other, there is in fact a way to incorporate automation without losing that quality human interaction that we all know and love. Spoiler alert: humans and automation are most effective when used together.

Key takeaways to include:

  • Tips for making automated messaging feel more personal and relevant
  • Strategies for determining and incorporating the right level of automation by segment
  • How to utilize automation for scale and efficiency in a way that complements existing human interaction


  • Madeline Evans, Digital Customer Success Manager, ESG
  • Britt Layman, Customer Success Operations Manager, ESG
  • Marley Wagner, Sr. Director of Marketing & Services, ESG
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