The Case for Billable Customer Success

The Customer Success AssociationThe most commonly quoted challenge facing Customer Success leaders worldwide over the past ten years or more has been confusion over the role and definition of Customer Success. The question “What do Customer Success people do?” has been expressed by Senior Management and members of other groups. While responses have been given as to the many vital activities that fall under the heading of Customer Success in well-organized groups, the questions persist. It’s past time for a different, and more effective, answer.

Regardless of whether or not you ever actually offer Customer Success as a billable option to your customers, it’s vital that you be able to prove the real, measurable increase in profitability that you bring to them and to your company as well.

Research has shown that the trend towards connecting Customer Success to revenue is growing ever stronger, but there is still much to be done. Mikael Blaisdell, Executive Director of The Customer Success Association, will talk about why companies should offer Customer Success as a billable service — and how to go about designing the product.

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