How to Nail Customer Handoffs Between Sales and Customer Success

Webinar Screen-1The handoff of a new customer between Sales and Customer Success is a critical moment in the customer lifecycle. But for many organizations, this transfer of customer knowledge is a disorganized mess, lacking clear requirements and fraught with tension or even downright distrust between the two teams involved. But it doesn’t need to be this way – and for the sake of your customers, it shouldn’t be this way.

In this webinar, Abby Hammer and Casey Altieri from ChurnZero will share tips to clarify and strengthen your customer handoffs between Sales and Customer Success. While working with Customer Success teams of all types and sizes, Casey and Abby have seen a lot of tactics that work – and a lot of tactics that don’t. They will share their top tips for consistently successful handoffs and building trust between your Sales and CS teams.

Abby Hammer, VP Products & Customer Success, ChurnZero
Casey Altieri, Lead Sales Executive, ChurnZero

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