Webinar: Rethinking Customer Onboarding to Accelerate Success

Increasingly, Customer Success teams talk about helping customers successfully achieve their desired business outcomes, yet they do very little during onboarding to help customers achieve the results they require. Instead, many onboarding efforts are ineffective and often are narrowly focused on the technology itself.

Many of your customers lack the internal knowledge, expertise and infrastructure they need to successfully achieve their business goals using your (or any) software! It is time to boldly revamp your onboarding process to instead focus where your customers struggle the most - developing the capacity to drive internal success on their own.

This webinar presents a proven model that you can use to help customers quickly shift their approach and build their capacity to drive their own internal success with your software.

Join the webinar to learn:

1. Why most onboarding efforts are ineffective and do not set your customers up for success with your software
2. Why your customer struggle to achieve their goals and how you can to help them create their own internal success team
3. Specific tactics you can use to quickly improve your onboarding approach to be a force multiplier in driving customers success, while reduce the workload on your CS team.

Jason Whitehead headshotSpeaker: Jason Whitehead

Jason is CEO of Tri Tuns, LLC and Co-Founder of Customer Success Mastermind. Jason works to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers of SaaS software to help accelerate user adoption and value creation so both organizations are successful. He is also frequent blogger and cohost of the popular customer success podcast series, “The Jasons Take On …” that advocates for taking bold action to drive customer success.

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