Webinar: How to Streamline Onboarding to Reduce Churn

Customer retention and churn prevention starts at the beginning of a customer’s journey with your company – in onboarding. This crucial first interaction between your customer, your product and your team establish the groundwork that can jumpstart success or accelerate failure.
Bora Lee Headshot
A successful onboarding process should enable your Customer Success team to set clear expectations, understand goals, deliver on promises, and build the foundation for a valuable, long-term relationship.

In this webinar, we will:
  • Discuss how a successful onboarding impacts customer retention
  • Share 5 signs that indicate you may need to revamp your onboarding process
  • Identify 3 mistakes to avoid and 3 strategies to employ when implementing changes to your existing onboarding process


Presenter: Bora Lee, Team Lead, Customer Success Operations, ChurnZero

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