How to Keep the Revenue Your Company Worked So Hard to Earn

Kia PuhmCompanies work hard to attract and win their customers. They spend countless hours establishing key performance metrics and enforcing the appropriate disciplines so their marketing and sales teams can bring in leads and close deals to drive revenue and growth. Yet the amount of focus that leadership places on new business revenue is disproportionate to the amount of focus placed on existing customer revenue. After the dotted line has been signed, all of sales’ and marketing’s effort is for naught if the revenue is going out the door just as quickly as it came in.

A widespread obsession with customer acquisition leaves companies blind to the pool of revenue opportunity within customer retention. Simply, it’s much easier to turn a customer into a bigger customer than it is to turn a lead into a new customer. And yet …

This session will define “the customer funnel” and help attendees, for the first time, measure and monitor revenue across the entire customer lifecycle in order to keep the revenue they worked so hard to earn. Attendees of this webinar will learn how to:

  • Use the customer journey as the desired path to success
  • Build an intelligent framework that aligns your business to your customer's
  • Use industry-first metrics to measure how effectively your company is managing customer journeys

Presenter: Kia Puhm, Founder & CEO, DesiredPath Inc. 

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