How Customer Success Can Catalyze Customer-Centric Change

JuliaCustomer-centricity is a term that gets bounced around, but what does this really mean and how can customer success teams contribute to their organization's CX evolution? Julia Ahlfeldt breaks down what it takes for an organization to truly put the customer at the center of their business.

Emphasizing CX within the B2B context and the role of Customer Success teams in driving change, this webinar will:

  • Teach you about the key aspects of customer-centric business practices (e.g. organizational accountability for customer experience, Voice of Customer feedback loops), with examples of best practices
  • Empower team members to understand where their organization stands on the CX maturity curve, and clarify what it takes to progress
  • Provide practical tips and suggestions that CS teams can implement to catalyze customer-centric change

Speaker: Julia Ahlfeldt, Certified Customer Experience Professional

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