Creating a Single Source of Truth for Customer Success Data


Are you losing productivity (and revenue) operating out of siloed spreadsheets and a slew of software that don’t talk to one another? Do you find yourself needlessly wasting time switching back and forth between your CRM, support, usage, email, chat, and billing systems to hunt down answers to what should be simple queries?
Scattered information and piecemeal insights leave massive room for manual mistakes and missed opportunities.

Watch to learn how Customer Success organizations can consolidate their tech stack to increase their team’s efficiencies.

In this brief webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Why a single source of truth is an absolute must to get closer to your customers
  • The real reason why your CRM is not enough when managing your customer data
  • How to improve team efficiencies and deepen customer relationships by consolidating data


Presenter: Marc Sultzer, Account Executive, ChurnZero



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