Churn Monster Playbook: Your Definitive Guide to Fighting Customer Churn 


If you are responsible for Customer Success in your subscription model company, you have monsters in your closet. These churn monsters take big bites out of your customer base. Even superior products and smart growth strategies can be killed by out of control churn monsters. Fortunately, you don't need to be powerless in the face of this scary threat.

In this playbook, we will catalog the twelve common monsters that attack customer retention. For each churn monster, we will give a description of what its churn risk looks like, so you can easily identify it within your customer accounts. We will also give you actionable tips to help you combat each churn monster, and insight into how ChurnZero can help.

Download this playbook now to learn how to fight customer churn.

     Acquired    Victim         Bad Fit          Stuck       AbandonedDisengaged